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Nature is so cruel

Slylock Fox – March 27th, 2014 It looks like I’m not the only one whose perversely fascinated by the “ducks eating noses” trend! Maybe one of these furry little voyeurs could solve the puzzle of how the bite makes the … Continue reading

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Tastes good

Sorry guys, bad mix of tied up schedule and broken computer today. Slylock Fox – March 1st, 2014 Remember that time in October, when I tagged a post “Ducks biting dogs’ noses”? Remember how everyone thought I was mad? How, … Continue reading

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Saner interpretation, please?

Slylock Fox – December 24th, 2013 Foolish cat, believing you could stand against the nose-biting bird even as the femurs of his last kill are still warm! This is how you die, surrounded by the cruel smiles of your peers. … Continue reading

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Go play on that blank screen, Max

Slylock Fox – October 20th, 2013 Is Miss Fox even all there anymore? It looks kind of like she was so into ogling Slylock that her brain transcended this plane. And long after Slylock goes home, she’ll continue staring in … Continue reading

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