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Slylock teaches grave robbing

Slylock Fox – June 30th, 2013 It looks like they’ve changed the template for Sunday comics! They’ve traded in the Kid Cartoonist feature and a text-based puzzle in favor of more Slylock Fox. I’m not sure if this is a … Continue reading

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Whoever you are, please don’t fork me

Slylock Fox – June 29th, 2013 After all these years, Slylock Fox finally reveals why the Eyes have been hiding: to escape from Crazyface Meatstarved and his stab-ready fork hand! Are the children his hellion spawn, or are they celebrating that … Continue reading

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Listen to the expert

Slylock Fox – June 28th, 2013 OK, I admit I’ve only been fishing once. I lost an arm. I did acquire a bit of knowledge, though, so I feel like I should explain this situation for you newbies. The worms … Continue reading

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NEXT EPISODE: Classy Grinning Duck blinks

Sorry for the delay, everyone! My internet’s being whiny today. Slylock Fox – June 27th, 2013 Classy Grinning Duck: The Animated Series has gathered quite an audience, despite the blatant lack of anything going on. No plot. No backgrounds. Just … Continue reading

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Why does Chrome’s spell-checker catch “raccoons”??

Slylock Fox – June 26th, 2013 Poor raccoons are always the bad guys in this comic: breaking into homes, stealing food, and looking adorably robber-like. Only this comic reveals the other side of the story. Aside from having to eat … Continue reading

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Hey, grampa, let’s go stare at strangers

Slylock Fox – June 25th, 2013 You have no idea how long I puzzled over this random old man throwing his money at a little boy. The boy’s sly smile combined with the dog’s uncomfortable glances make me assume some … Continue reading

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Maybe he plans to make a killing as a babysitter

Slylock Fox – June 24th, 2013 Wait, are snakes anthro in this? Is Count Weirdly’s plan literally just to hide babies in people’s homes? What’s the payoff? Is that even really evil? Who’s the father? Is he…? Maybe he thought … Continue reading

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Same weird Sunday-Monday scheduling going on right now. The rest of the week ought to be back to normal, and I’ll have more free time to spend in the comments section, too.

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Max definitely painted that building

Slylock Fox – June 23rd, 2013 Look at this. While Slylock is dutifully arresting used cars, Max is blatantly window-shopping. I see you looking at the pink one from the corner of your eye, Max. Pass, buddy, it won’t match … Continue reading

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He was aiming for the brain

Slylock Fox – June 22nd, 2013 Hey, remember that funny kids’ comic that used to run in the paper? Remember that time it introduced sentient, hungry, dinosaur corpses, their fleshless jaws right above the heads of innocents? Why doesn’t the … Continue reading

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Imagine it walking

Slylock Fox – June 21st, 2013 OK, I am totally lost here. At first glance I thought those were the dog’s legs– only big, fleshy packs of fat, with strings dangling beneath. Upon further inspection, I think they’re nursing puppies, … Continue reading

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Somewhere between Felix the Cat and Hägar the Horrible

Slylock Fox – June 20th, 2013 Normally I just accept Slylock Fox as being a totally separate world, instead of trying to explain the how and why of animal people. (That might be because a more popular blogger did it first.) … Continue reading

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You’ve also got the random, bipedal elephants

… Slylock Fox – June 19th, 2013 Ah, a fun beach scene, exactly like the vacations from my childhood. You’ve got everything: the one guy digging out of prison, the jogger about to throw himself to the fishes, and that … Continue reading

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Featuring Symbolic RASTORC

Aw, man, it’s good to be back and forgetting there’s a queue. Don’t forget to scroll down to see yesterday’s post, where I finally caught up with our college-obsessed sleuth! Slylock Fox – June 18th, 2013 It started off as … Continue reading

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