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Slylock could get a cart

Slylock Fox – April 14th, 2014 I enjoy seeing Slylock and Max on their off days. The two can’t even pick up groceries normally; they have to do it shirtless with skateboards while fighting crime. Slylock wears a long, flowing … Continue reading

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Seriously, just paint her orange…

Slylock Fox – October 7th, 2013 It’s the simplest comics that have all the great little tidbits, huh? For instance: Rodney Rat’s misguided attempt at looking like a gentleman The¬†clearly inanimate baby, and Slylock and Max’s quizzical stares Goofy and … Continue reading

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Back to your regularly scheduled whatever this is

It’s 10 PM, so I guess I’m as awake as I’ll ever be. I’ll spare you the photos of me posing with 1,000 different Link crossplayers. I’m officially home and a lot less sore, so my schedule should be returning … Continue reading

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