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Then imagine the little flying ones

I’m not deleting that last post. You can’t make me. Slylock Fox – August 1st, 2013 Living with a mix of anthros and quadrupeds must be awfully creepy. When you can all walk upright and talk to each other, there’s … Continue reading

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And they never drank milk again

Slylock Fox – May 22nd, 2013 You have to understand, I’m a big fan of cartoons, story books, and all things cutesy. I never expected I would make a habit out of taking fun, childhood whimsy and turning it into … Continue reading

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Yay, I held back the Brony injokes

I used to tag Slylock comics by the animals that appeared in them, simply because it was another thing I could keep track of. This gave me a big mass of useless tags on every post, and  an angel appeared … Continue reading

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