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In 2015 we’re replacing that green guy

I won’t be able to access tomorrow’s comic immediately, so I’ll put up a bonus post with my favorite comics from 2013. I have a lot more candidates to choose from, but I’ll try to have it up at midnight. Slylock … Continue reading

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Little bitty scary bad guy car

Slylock Fox – December 30th, 2013 Poor Shady Shrew! Ever since Forest law started requiring front license plates, he searched every kiosk in the mall until he found one that expressed just what a rule-breaking punk he really is. He … Continue reading

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Like one-sided roommates!

A few weeks ago, Comics Kingdom reworked their site so the print previews were only 720 pixels wide. I didn’t comment at the time, but the tiny Sunday text is slowly filing away at the eyeballs nowadays. Slylock Fox – … Continue reading

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Can they smell the insides of their heads?

I didn’t have Slylock-themed fever dreams after all. It turns out the Dick Tracy ones are horrifying. Slylock Fox – December 28th, 2013 Oh, wait, I was wrong. Now I’m seeing a row of moose with their nostrils filed off. I’m pretty … Continue reading

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He smiles just thinking about it

Sorry for the disappearance. I think the flu gods drew my number yesterday. Barring any Slylock-themed fever dreams, today’s comic will be up later this morning. Slylock Fox – December 27th, 2013 In the meantime, you guys have had all … Continue reading

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Is that a… furry coconut?

Oogh… All that turkey… Slylock Fox – December 26th, 2013 Of all the “animals watch with amusement as one of them assaults someone” comics, this has to be most disturbing. I’m not sure if it’s because it exposes Slylock’s crusades … Continue reading

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Season’s eatings! (dear God I suck)

Slylock Fox – December 25th, 2013 Christmas! A joyous day of love and kindness for thousands of families, regardless of faith. Unless that family is the Pigglys, whose corruption and hatred never take a holiday. Merry Christmas, you filthy little … Continue reading

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Saner interpretation, please?

Slylock Fox – December 24th, 2013 Foolish cat, believing you could stand against the nose-biting bird even as the femurs of his last kill are still warm! This is how you die, surrounded by the cruel smiles of your peers. … Continue reading

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So bleak… so nightmarish

Happy 6 AM, everyone! For those who missed it, scroll down for Sunday’s super late comic. Slylock Fox – December 23rd, 2013 Slylock tried to stay calm. That lightning just “emergency landed” them straight into a tree, and the last … Continue reading

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Yet another soap comic

I started up this post around noon yesterday, but my family spontaneously decided to do stuff today. I hope you didn’t mind being left alone with Deputy Duck’s terrifying villainy all day. Slylock Fox – December 22nd, 2013 Don’t even read … Continue reading

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He strikes again

Slylock Fox – August 13th, 2000 (click for full) Let’s see… Among these birds, it would have to be one who could fly. One with the motive or simple cruelty necessary to steal a young girl’s bike. And one who … Continue reading

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I’ve had nightmares about this

Slylock Fox – December 21st, 2013 Running this blog has taught me a lot that will help me in my cartooning career. For example, it creeps me out a little when characters stare straight at me. It turns out, it … Continue reading

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What did I train you for?

Sorry for the delay! I’ve got all next week queued up barring Sunday. Slylock Fox – December 20th, 2013 His alternate universe double is right there, without a quiver or any weapons, and Boo Boo doesn’t even attempt to assassinate him. Bonnie … Continue reading

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An F in sanity

Slylock Fox – December 19th, 2013 Most people would crack under the Hand’s constant judgment, but Milton had learned to live with it. Ever since he moved into the creepy old house, it would poke out of doors and crevices, … Continue reading

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