Reading the Solutions

The puzzle solutions are in teeny-tiny, upside down text. Unfortunately, it’s easier to rotate a newspaper and squint than to flip your monitor and cram your eyes up close.

For the average, there’s reading upside down. For the obsessive, there’s browser add-ons.

Google Chrome has IMG Rotate, which is as simple as it sounds. Just right-click > IMG Rotate > Upside Down. If the turn the image sideways or whathaveyou, it will “float”, not damaging the layout.

Mozilla Firefox has Rotate Image. The options are directly under “View image”, and only allow you to rotate clockwise and counter-clockwise, so you’ll have to click twice.

Opera only seems to have Rotate Images, which I couldn’t get to work in version 12.11 (the current version).

I couldn’t find any for Internet Explorer or Safari, although I looked. If you’re determined, you can a) paste it into MS Paint and rotate it or b) uʍop ǝpısdn ʇı pɐǝɹ

© Bob Weber, Jr.

© Bob Weber, Jr.


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