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Another babysitter lost

Slylock Fox – April 30th, 2013 A smiling kitty cat tries to help a lost child. The woodland creatures watch in amusement as it unknowingly gets stabbed in the butt. Does anyone else shower after reading Six Differences? Advertisements

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Elementary, my dear Slylock

Slylock Fox – April 29th, 2013 Let’s examine the facts, shall we? The thieve punched his way through to reach the lock, but that would be meaningless unless it was someone Slylock trusted with the key. Alternatively, it was someone … Continue reading

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Elvis laughs in your face!

Slylock Fox – April 28th, 2013 You did this on purpose! You waited until I was a sleep-deprived mess and then tried to force me to choose which element of this strip to talk about! Well, maybe I’ll just talk … Continue reading

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Can he build me a house of Rastorcs?

Slylock Fox – April 27th, 2013 OK, I’m curious what kind of terrible, terrible construction project requires cats and blackbirds. Are they tools or materials? Can you imagine using screws to fasten a writhing, gelatinous cat to something? What if it was … Continue reading

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STILL waiting for King Features to hire me

I’m beginning to love How to Draw day! When else do I get to show off how much better I am at drawing donkeys than a novice like Weber? Slylock Fox – April 26th, 2013 Step one: Draw a giant … Continue reading

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It’s what they get for only selling belly shirts

… Slylock Fox – April 25th, 2013 Guys, do you notice this? Guys? While you’re busy eating, Monroe is destroying another city. Did one of you give him the keys? Guys, are you even listening? He’s pummeling the department store, … Continue reading

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Soft innards

King Features recently redid their Comics Kingdom service, making it easier to get huge versions of old comics. Now I can finally show the world what got me into this comic: I’m pretty sure I was normal before I read … Continue reading

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Only about 1,000 999 left

Slylock Fox – April 24th, 2013 Have I added a tag for “cute things are prey”? Because that’s the 2nd most prominent theme in Slylock Fox (#1 being arrest men with funny names). The best ones lure you in with … Continue reading

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Slylock Fox – April 23rd, 2013 Ah, that’s better. It’s been a while since I’ve had anything for the “Inexplicably creepy” tag. I’m pretty sure a crazed man sending a giant robot to stomp on a bunny, with random bones … Continue reading

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Who left a stop sign in the middle of the road?

Slylock Fox – April 22nd, 2013 It took me forever to find Ping-Pong ball #10. Because a snake ate it. Slylock now has the choice to either induce vomiting or cut the snake open. This isn’t detective work and he … Continue reading

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The Secret Origin of Sunday Brain Bogglers

Last week on Sunday Brain Bogglers, our hero had weird dreams until Max dragged him ashore recovered from death itself. Having seen Heaven and its wonders, Slylock grows contemplative.  Maybe he’ll find the answers in our heartrending finale: Slylock Fox and the … Continue reading

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I notice they traded their baby in

Slylock Fox – April 21st, 2013 I think it’s safe to say that Max’s reaction is the only realistic one in this strip– wall-eyed, gaping, and so stiff as to be inanimate.  Wait, this is the second time they’ve been … Continue reading

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How many licks?

(Dear gourd this is late. The good news is, I’ll be up to see Sunday’s comic tonight.) Slylock Fox – April 20th, 2013 The plan seemed to be working perfectly. It turned out the layers of evil on a given … Continue reading

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Call an exterminator or maybe an assassin

Slylock Fox – April 19th, 2013 Oh, dear. This is not a normal rat. Mr. Weber, is this what the rats in your home look like? Because… they’re not supposed to. Have they been chewing? I don’t know how much longer … Continue reading

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