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Sorry Max, I brought you here to starve you

Slylock Fox – September 30th, 2013 Slylock smiled politely, quietly searching his pockets for a calculator. Oh crap oh crap oh crap, he thought eloquently. Why do people always ask me this? He scrambled for a suitable answer, before realizing that any … Continue reading

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And no irrelevant details to turn them in?

Slylock Fox – September 29th, 2013 Melody seems to be into Max’s little fairy tale, but Slylock and Tiff are clearly too mature for such nonsense. Two humans, onscreen at once? One of them might not even be the bad … Continue reading

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Still begging for that scalpel

After today I don’t have any comics stowed away, and it turns out I can’t get time off to sit up all night and watch Slylock Fox update. So expect some mad schedule slippin’ for two or three days. I’ve … Continue reading

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Imagine all the hugs he can give!

Slylock Fox – September 27th, 2013 After a few days’ worth of nightmares, someone stopped delivering in the “nightmare predator” category. That someone is not Shane, age 11! Despite the two panels being separated by an obvious border, my mind keeps reading … Continue reading

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Why won’t anyone play with me?

…OK, so I almost called it. Humans survive carnage week. Slylock Fox – September 26th, 2013 I’m trying to figure out what my favorite part of this illustration is. At first I thought it was how the animals are just staring at … Continue reading

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I’m only exaggerating the tiniest bit

Slylock Fox – September 25th, 2013 Calling it now: it’s “animals eat people and each other” week in Slyland. Yesterday we saw this pair of rats eating people dog food, and today this gator gets to eat that very same dog … Continue reading

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Their handwriting’s neat, too

Slylock Fox – September 24th, 2013 The virus spread quickly among the vermin. They walked upright, glassy-eyed and lacking the faintest hint of consciousness as they did their dirty deeds. They hungered, and did little more. And yet, in spite … Continue reading

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Or maybe he never owned any gold

Slylock Fox – September 23rd, 2013 I’m convinced that Sir Hound hires people to steal his gold. Or advertises in the paper that he keeps his combination under a flower pot. It’s a sick bid for attention and he knows … Continue reading

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He’s looking proudly upon his kill

I’m melting down this laptop and turning it into glue. Slylock Fox – September 22nd, 2013 Try all you want, fools! Drown yourselves and the monsters around you if you must. But you will never escape under the watchful eye of Sean … Continue reading

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How did THIS plan fail?

I may decide to wake up tomorrow, in which case, hey, a new comic. In the meantime, have a scene from a dark point in Slylock history. Slylock Fox – December 3rd, 2006 See, in 2006, Max stopped being very … Continue reading

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Secret Origin of that random bone in the corner

Slylock Fox – September 21st, 2013 I really like today’s comic. There’s some great motion here, with the cat and dog just tearing through the yard knocking everything out of whack. The guy’s exaggerated jump just adds to it. Then, … Continue reading

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Well, skip THOSE steps, I guess

Hopefully my scheduling weirdness is only going to last a month or so. In the meantime, though, next week’s comics will be on time. Slylock Fox – September 20th, 2013 You know what little girls love? Donkeys. Their graceful figures. … Continue reading

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Water is too feeble a sacrifice

Slylock Fox – September 19th, 2013 That thing is not a dog dish. Notice how the water  pours straight through the supposedly shallow surface. It never fills any higher, it all just disappears between that rubbery, salivating ring. That thing … Continue reading

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First it eats your blog posts, then your soul

I know I said I had Thursday’s post written up. Well, I don’t know if it got eaten or if it’s just my ignorance, but it’s gone. I’d write it again except my laptop is honestly acting really screwy, so I’m … Continue reading

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