Cassandra Cat

Cassandra Cat Cassandra is a literal cat burglar with an affinity for money and jewels. She’s perfectly aware of how attractive she is, and uses her charm to get what she wants out of people. It seems like everyone, even Max, has been smitten at some point. Only Slylock is unfazed by her looks.

This has gotten Cassandra a ton of attention in the fandom, primarily from the Comics Curmudgeon writing romantic tension between her and Slylock. Eventually she guest-starred in the comic strip My Cage, taking a job at Norm’s company. The storyline can be found here.

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(OK, “post”, but it’s a start.)


4 Responses to Cassandra Cat

  1. tfhackett says:

    Just found your blog and I have to admit Cassandra was the first thing I searched for here. Heh. Can’t believe she hasn’t appeared since you’ve been blogging! Looking forward to her next appearance, and your recap. The My Cage arc was very cute!

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