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How to art and stuff

Slylock Fox – May 31st, 2013 Step one: Draw a kitty Step two: Stuff Step three: Get a syndicate colorist Step 3 is a little expensive, but aren’t you willing to suffer for your art? Advertisements

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A Happy Story

Slylock Fox – May 30th, 2013 An adorable creature, spied by a predator. Dangerous saws, increasing in size. Black, hairy, otherwordly beasts hanging from a lamp. And the screams of children. Daddy saw it all, and smiled.

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TRUE OR FALSE: this child needs supervision

Quick heads up: this is the last comic I have in the queue. Tomorrow’s post may have to wait until morning, depending on how much sleep I’ve had. Slylock Fox – May 29th, 2013 Today’s panel made me laugh out … Continue reading

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This is also how he learned asexual reproduction

I’m sure I’ve familiarized you all with the concept, I’d just like to point out that Six Differences are weird when you read them as a sequence of events. Slylock Fox – May 28th, 2013 Oh, Billy, you and your crazy … Continue reading

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Slylock Fox – May 27th, 2013 The solution to this puzzle requires Slylock to tie a rope to the tire before removing it. I’m a bit tire-impaired, so someone help me out here: how would you do that? I realize he’s … Continue reading

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Reeky Returns!

I’m going to have to add a tag for “anthropomorphic elephants spraying animals with their noses” and it will be the most specific tag in the universe. Slylock Fox – May 26th, 2013 Sorry, inherently evil raccoon, but Reeky Rat … Continue reading

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Sucks to be #2

Slylock Fox – May 25th, 2013 Behold, a chain of barbers in their natural habitat! Notice how they bond by grooming each other. Most of them do an impeccable job, except for #3, who managed to cut off his finger … Continue reading

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My Little Lunchmeat

Slylock Fox – May 24th, 2013 ~squee~ A little six-year-old sent in a picture of a butterfly and a pony! Right beside an adorable… starving predator… I don’t know if I should be relieved or disturbed that he’s drawn looking … Continue reading

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Belly Shirt: the Origin

Slylock Fox – May 23rd, 2013 It was working. Billy’s navel was already protruding fiendishly from his shirt. With every cookie he devoured, it came one step closer to engulfing this unsuspecting home. And when Billy is huge, he can … Continue reading

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If I were awake this title would be badass

I hate to be a butt, but I’m going to have to put today’s post later in the day. I’m having some crazy-face problems with my computer right now. I’ve tried to post throughout the night, but I’ll just have … Continue reading

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And they never drank milk again

Slylock Fox – May 22nd, 2013 You have to understand, I’m a big fan of cartoons, story books, and all things cutesy. I never expected I would make a habit out of taking fun, childhood whimsy and turning it into … Continue reading

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I am eneagvnce

Slylock Fox – May 21st, 2013 Sure, Tanbam likes looking heroic in pictures, but look at the curve of his ears. Tanbam’s flying backwards, man. To him, belly-shirted, chin-bandaged bald kids aren’t a menace; they’re a photo op. Our only other … Continue reading

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Evil wins again

(I think God is trying to remind me to add pages for both Wanda Witch and Harry Ape… I’ll add that to my to-do list.) Slylock Fox – May 20th, 2013 Max suppressed a gasp, his tiny hands hovering over … Continue reading

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(Pssst, Harry. You’re a super tough ape. Break the string.)

Sorry it’s so late, guys! My computer is being a little piece of hell today. I’d replace it except I hold the world record for irresponsibility right now. Slylock Fox – May 19th, 2013 When my half-asleep eyes first glanced … Continue reading

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