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To be fair, their parents don’t exist

Well, I finally committed to it. Those of you reading from your WordPress homepage will now see the greatest Gravatar ever. Hopefully that’ll make up for the fact that you can’t read the alt text. I’ll probably do something with … Continue reading

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My portfolio is an uncomfortable mass of nightmares

I’ve been waiting for thirteen hours for Comics Kingdom to stop being a 404! Let’s see what kind of magical and hilarious image has sprung forth! Slylock Fox – August 30th, 2013 Aww, widdle puppy! It’s been a while since … Continue reading

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Is individuality lost?

Heads up, tomorrow’s comic may be a little off-schedule. I’m having some trouble with Comics Kingdom. Slylock Fox – August 29th, 2013 Can any two of these violinists be said to be exactly alike? Externally, they share dozens of superficial … Continue reading

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I’m an expert on going to the ocean that one time

Hey, readers! Are you thinking of wading through knee-deep water? Slylock Fox – August 28th, 2013 Think again! Take Johnny here. All the cool kids went wading in the blackened cesspool of shattered dreams scientists call “the ocean”, and Johnny … Continue reading

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This was supposed to be a short, cute post

Slylock Fox – August 27th, 2013 Fido’s heartbeat was like a hammer against his entire body, rhythmically beating him against the thrashing waves. The only pocket of air was shrinking into the murky sea. A sweet gasp of oxygen, and … Continue reading

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His wrist will still be broken, too

Well, my own comments section, along with that of the Comics Curmudgeon show I wasn’t the only one confused by yesterday’s puzzle. Clearly Slylock didn’t arrest Bruno for being the vandal, but for busting out ancient riddles in the place … Continue reading

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A new villain appears!

OH MY GOODNESS Slylock Fox – August 25th, 2013 Max Mouse never let on that he knew. But between the mindless distractions, the escaping convicts, and the lightless void that creature called fur, how could he not? The real Slylock … Continue reading

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Don’t spill it!

Slylock Fox – August 24th, 2013 I was going to make some kind of morbid joke about the beaver’s incompetent assassination plan, until I saw the little look of dejection on his face. Aw, poor little guy didn’t mean to chase … Continue reading

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That one guy who doesn’t understand personal space

Slylock Fox – August 23rd, 2013 You guys thought I was joking when I said Burger Cat got the short end of the stick, didn’t you? Well, which one of them incited the omnivorous rage of an entire species? You … Continue reading

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I’m, like, an evolutionologist

Slylock Fox – August 22nd, 2013 We’re witnessing the miracle of evolution! Compare panels one and two– the fish’s gills disappear as he expels the water from his body. As he packs on blubber and fur, learning to breathe sheer … Continue reading

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I just really like the duckies and stuff

Slylock Fox – August 21st, 2013 This may be the cutest Hitchcockesque horror I’ve ever seen. It’s got froggies and little babies and everything~! It’s like if The Birds ran in the funny pages, so instead of killing people, they played … Continue reading

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He intends to eat the whole thing this way

Slylock Fox – August 20th, 2013 After all his running from the law, our favorite little dog catches a break today! While the smelly cat gets stuck with a plate of greasy meat, Fido here is dipping his tongue in … Continue reading

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Tuesday’s comic wasn’t available for me to read yet, and I’ve been pretty tied up tonight. Today’s strip coming later today!

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Relieved and sheepish

…Hey, DailyINK previews are back. I had considered the possibility that the images just weren’t loading, but I even checked the source code and they simply weren’t there. But now they’re back!

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