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Adorable? Horrifying? Adorrifying!

February 28th, 2013 My first thought upon reading this comic: Aw, what a good big brother! He looks so proud! How cuuuute~! My second thought upon reading this comic: The smile frozen upon his face can’t hide the terror underneath. He … Continue reading

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Practice makes portly

Slylock Fox – February 27th, 2013 HOLY CRAP YOU CAN TALK. Slylock has to solve several mysteries a day without verbal communication. The only time I’ve ever seen him speak was when he had a massive rush from telling puzzles. … Continue reading

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It pays to be dead inside

February 26th, 2013 DIFFERENCE #7: In panel 1, the boy tries to scream, but the only sound is his self-esteem shattering. In panel 2, the boy wisely had no faith in himself or his creation.

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Bovine Vanishment?

Slylock Fox –  February 25th, 2013 I’m not sure who in their right mind would trust Shady Shrew to watch their business. That’s like buying drugs from Goody Gopher, or hiring Peacey Penguin to nuke a city. An accomplished group … Continue reading

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Sunday Brain Bogglers

I’ve decided to try something new here at TSF. Every Sunday I’m going to highlight puzzles from the late, in addition to my normal posts. It’s time for Sunday Brain Bogglers! Many thanks to Anon for the suggestion. This week: Slylock Fox … Continue reading

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Do you accept Rastorc as your maniacal overlord?

Slylock Fox – February 24th, 2013 Granny Squirrel got off the hook for nearly killing Cassandra, and now she’s back to inflict her senile violence on a pet store employee. I’m mortified to see Slylock defending the con artist, but … Continue reading

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Gallery update

I spruced up The Gallery, and added a few new images: some logos, a larger version of the poster, an awesome book cover, and a scantily-clad Cassandra Cat. That oughtta boost my traffic.

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This would be worse if there weren’t so many witnesses

Slylock Fox – February 23rd, 2013 I’m torn between interpreting Slylock as spacey and puzzle-obsessed, or stoic and badass. Today’s comic? Both. On one hand, he responds to this grisly assault with a stern lecture. On the other hand, he responds … Continue reading

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HOW TO DRAW most people’s nightmares

Slylock Fox – February 22nd, 2013 Step one: Aw, look at that fuzzball! We’re learning how to draw a cute li’l thing, aren’t we? Step two: OK, so it’s a MEAN little thing. I can’t wait to see what kind of silly– … Continue reading

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The thing that makes TSF inferior to other comics blogs is its cleanliness. Unlike other webmasters, I have the good decency to faint at the site of bare skin. I once had a heart attack because my friend said “crap”. … Continue reading

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(NOTE: slightly fictionalized)

Today’s post is late again because I couldn’t access today’s strip. Fortunately, the rest of this week will be right on schedule! Slylock Fox – February 20th, 2013 The Slylock Fox narrator is sort of a jerk, you know? This … Continue reading

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Now I have a headache (and evil powers)

I’ve been raving a lot about how Slylock Fox has been extra good to me lately… Slylock Fox – February 19th, 2013 I take it back. This strip is out to get me. I pored over every single detail of … Continue reading

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This is how arachnophobia starts

I am absolutely convinced that the world revolves around me now. I feel like every time I declare a character one of my favorites, they show up immediately afterwards. Slylock Fox – February 18th, 2013 Today we see the brainy … Continue reading

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That bug has an appetite for fresh meat

Slylock Fox – February 17th, 2013 What evidence suggests this burglary was staged? 1) Shady can’t use a computer 2) Nobody wants Shady’s smelly old Seltzerberg DVDs 3) His name’s friggin’ Shady. Arrest him now! Well, Max, we got that case out … Continue reading

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