Reeky Rat

ReekyReeky Rat is the pink-haired punk in Slylock’s rogues gallery. With a perpetual slouch and a fanged smirk, he lives up to his name.

Reeky lives in a dilapidated trailer, where he repeatedly steals from his neighbor Rachel Rabbit. His thefts seem to be impulsive; somedays it’s valuables, other days it’s paint or a bottle of pop. He seems like a common thief, but he may be the most vile Slylock villain; he tried to steal and eat unborn children.

We occasionally see him hanging out with his friends, but he even swindles them. He also is or was married to a female rat who tipped Slylock off. She hasn’t appeared since 2008, so it’s safe to say he forgot about her.


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