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Lopsided Mermaid is such a beautiful piece

Slylock Fox – December 16th, 2013 Man, poor Slylock is just addicted to the job, isn’t he? Look how nervous he is. Max just wanted to go to the museum, and here Slylock is in full uniform making up cases for … Continue reading

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Sunday Brain Bogglers

I’ve decided to try something new here at TSF. Every Sunday I’m going to highlight puzzles from the late Slylockfox.com, in addition to my normal posts. It’s time for Sunday Brain Bogglers! Many thanks to Anon for the suggestion. This week: Slylock Fox … Continue reading

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Slylock butts in

December 10th, 2012 I like the way Sly saunters in, ignoring the gaze of the undead mummy. He’s already thought up the solution before they even asked him. Unfortunately, all he’s proving is whether or not the replica is iron. It … Continue reading

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That was the sound of a million children double-checking their dictionaries

November 4th, 2012 If you want to read the microscopic text, clicking the image will let you view a larger version. Basically, Slylock believes that because the shadows don’t match up with the sunlight, the painting is a forgery. Yeah. … Continue reading

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