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I picture him flailing wildly in the animated version

Slylock Fox – February 25th, 2014 Answer– in panel one, a member of the Santa Cult does the midnight dance across the ice, sacrificing the willing wildlife to our Christmastime Conqueror. In panel two, a dude goes ice skating and … Continue reading

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The End of Boo Boo

Slylock Fox – February 14th, 2014 I bet most comics will be doing something soft and mushy for Valentine’s Day. Not Slylock Fox. It knows it’s audience of sad womanchildren well: the first panel depicts Boo Boo alone in the bitter … Continue reading

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Closing in

Slylock Fox – February 6th, 2014 The sled tore across the snow like a hurricane, sending creatures sailing through the air. Heather wanted to look back, but she couldn’t. Not yet. After the toboggan cut up the hill, it never … Continue reading

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Your torso is mine

Slylock Fox – January 25th, 2014 That’s right, feeble creature. I have tunneled into your body and have extracted our nose. Now watch, as a gnaw it to bits! For some reason my mind turned to another headless friend of … Continue reading

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Shut up, Krillin

Slylock Fox – January 22nd, 2014 Ugh, this is a comic I can relate to. I just got over a really long case of the flu, and it was torture. It wasn’t bathing in my own bodily fluids that got … Continue reading

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Slylock Fox – January 15th, 2014 I’m honestly kind of amazed at how long it’s taken me to add a tag for the crazy pink voyeuristic bunny. He’s kind of become a favorite of mine, mainly because he’s transcended the … Continue reading

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How many days will he stand there?

Slylock Fox – January 11th, 2014 US law requires roadside signs to be at least 7 feet off the ground in business or residential areas. The pole on the “bus stop” sign appears to reach just near the guy’s chest, … Continue reading

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Out with a smile

Slylock Fox – January 8th, 2013 I love all the little reactions in this comic. The girl is shocked and dismayed to see Mr. Chilly melting. The man looks relieved at the return of warm weather. The dog has been instilled … Continue reading

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Adorable family power hunger

Sorry for the schedule glitch there! My internet’s going to be disconnected, but just for a day or two. In case there are any more unforeseen circumstances, I’ll set up a queue of backup posts. Slylock Fox – January 4th, … Continue reading

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In 2015 we’re replacing that green guy

I won’t be able to access tomorrow’s comic immediately, so I’ll put up a bonus post with my favorite comics from 2013. I have a lot more candidates to choose from, but I’ll try to have it up at midnight. Slylock … Continue reading

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Max succumbs to frost bite on a very special Slylock

My little archive dip is getting harder and harder to do. I use a date generator to pick old Sunday and Mondays, but it’s getting to the point where my first 10 choices are either comics I already posted reruns … Continue reading

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If I stay perfectly still, they’ll think I’m a money bush

From this moment forth, sleep is but a distant memory. I’m back. Slylock Fox – March 24th, 2013 I’ve always held place in my heart for Shady Shrew’s sheer inability to pull off a crime. Today, that special place becomes a … Continue reading

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Granny’s sermon

I need to change my Monday schedule, because I can’t read the Monday comics until midnight and I’m usually too sleepy to write. Next Monday I’ll shoot for a 10 AM deadline. Slylock Fox – March 11th, 2013 Oh, Granny, … Continue reading

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It’s like they’re not even human!

Well, that wraps up another week! I got some miscellaneous updates in, including some layout tweaks, a few additions to the Gallery and replacing Reeky Rat’s profile picture. Also, let me get it out of the way ahead of time … Continue reading

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