About me

The Slylock Files is one-part normal fansite and two parts messed-up blog. For the record, I actually really like Slylock Fox, probably more than is healthy for my age. Blame the Comics Curmudgeon.

Although I don’t tend towards swearing or dirty jokes very often, the blog is rated PG for mild language, occasional violence, and pointing out when a panel looks very wrong. The comments section is essentially a free-for-all, so long as people remain civil.

About me

I’m a 20-year-old doodler with a little too much time on her hands and big dreams in the animation industry. Even though my sense of humor tends towards weirdness and violence, I really like cute, innocent things.

You can find me as “Inkwell” across several different comic blogs. Don’t ask why I chose the name; there’s no significance, it just sounded artsy-fartsy.


1 Response to About

  1. jeff says:

    Thanks for posting/updating this site. Ran across this last night while google-ing some slylock fox. The comments are classic. Keep up the great work!

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