Fansites and blogs

The Slylock Files isn’t the only place to find Slylock on the internet! Here are some other sources for Slylock comics and commentary.

Cursed Raccoons!
A Slylock Fox blog that predates mine. Always clever and fun to read, plus has access to old strips I don’t. Check it out if you’re looking for more Slylock– she’s even got a handful of really old strips!

Reynard Noir
An elaborate blog that adapts Slylock comics into hardboiled detective stories. If you don’t mind seeing the characters being dramatically (and hilariously) reinterpreted, it’s a fun read. No longer updates.

The Comics Curmudgeon >> Slylock Fox Archives
Easily the most famous comic blog out there. He snarks on pretty much every comic he reads, including Slylock. He has a pretty large selection going back to 2006, and he definitely highlights the crazier aspects of Slylock’s world.

Although The Slylock Files is clean, not all the sites linked to are. Reynard Noir and the Comics Curmudgeon both contain some adult content and language.


2 Responses to Fansites and blogs

  1. J. Neighbors says:

    Re Sunday, Sept. 15. Circus Maximus was a stadium for chariot racing etc. Not at all a circus as we know it.

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