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This week’s been busier than most; I’ll catch up as soon as I’m able.

Apology eggplant?

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Constant thrills!

Slylock Fox – April 15th, 2014

04_15Random character we’ll never see again: *prying a crocodile’s jaws open with his soft vulnerable feet, nonchalantly securing himself to a helicopter flying over a cliff, and being an adorable ginger to boot*

Slylock and Max: *buying groceries*

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Slylock could get a cart

Slylock Fox – April 14th, 2014

04_14I enjoy seeing Slylock and Max on their off days. The two can’t even pick up groceries normally; they have to do it shirtless with skateboards while fighting crime. Slylock wears a long, flowing cape, shrouded in pitch black shadow. To a banana sale.

I dunno, it sounds so badass on paper.

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• Dabney wallows in rejection

Slylock Fox – April 13th, 2014

04_13Slylock pushed the selfie story to his higher-ups, reeking of bizarre chemicals. After a careful investigation, the police pieced together this timeline:

  • Dabney takes photo of Cassandra with the pin floating weirdly over her right breast
  • That freakin’ hurts. She moves the pin to her left shoulder
  • Slylock learns Cassandra has a man over
  • Slylock steals a crapton of cologne and runs to her house
  • There isn’t even a mirror in that photo you nutjob
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Sunday bonus: Slylock creeps in your window

Double bonus this week because last Sunday I marathoned Sailor Moon was too busy!

Slylock Fox – June 11th, 2000 (click for full)

06_11_2000I love Slylock’s little pouty face! That’s right, Fox: the machine works. Yes, you solved the puzzle, you reasoned  out the solution… and you’re wrong. Your precious logic has failed you! Red is blue, cold is heat, and bricks are a lovely blue-to-purple gradient.

Ideally, this is the sort of reaction we’d see every time Weirdly was onscreen. I guess he only just noticed.

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Sunday bonus: so they can eat off the floor

Slylock Fox – June 27th, 2010 (click for full)

06_27_2010Solution — We’ll never know, because Max’s screaming and flailing immediately distracted Slylock. The two were promptly kicked out, but in Max’s defense, he had no idea dinosaurs had so many teeth in their ribs.

(This also happens whenever he needs x-rays.)

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20 questions

I’ve been having a busy weekend and a broken computer. Give me a few hours to play catch-up, including bonuses.

Slylock Fox – April 12th, 2014

04_12What’s with the way Bonnie stops and stares into infinity? Is she recalling the Bonnieverse’s sinister papermaking secrets? A spectral printing press at the center of the earth, where those who find out are damned to slice wood in the afterlife? Is this what she’s been trying to shelter Boo Boo from?

Or does she just not know?

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Move over, wildlife!

Slylock Fox – April 11th, 2014

04_1I spent some time building a house last year (or at least that was my excuse for the constant schedule slips). I have to say, no one on the team considered doing it with warped, soaked boards, or employing child labor. Slylock Fox is educational!

(Random side note, more children’s media should show little girls doing physical or creative jobs. Even right above fragile doggy heads.)

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SPOILER: Steve didn’t write that sign

Slylock Fox – April 10th, 2014

04_10You’d think that if you were thirsty, living off of sapient, fully-feathered birds and writing an S.O.S. in some bodily fluid that wasn’t supposed to turn black, you’d be pretty glum. But not Steve here! You need to put your whiny little problems in perspective. Steve is at death’s door with no one looking for him, but he always sees the bright side!

(Disclaimer: Steve went mad years ago.)

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This is actually kinda gross

Slylock Fox – April 9th, 2014

04_09Do you know how many worms some creatures feed their offspring? Do you know how much worm, in feet, a parent needs to cough up to their kid? The Weber family knows! …for some reason…

That naked little worm-slurping beastie is kind of adorable. This comic made my morning.

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Adventures in cross-contamination

Slylock Fox – April 8th, 2014

04_08The storytelling in Slylock Fox can be amazing. Today’s comic uses irony to deliver a moral truth. As the man is delighting in his own inequity, taunting the dog with food, so the animals deprive him of food. This points to a really powerful message that I think we can apply to our own lives:

don’t carry raw corpses in paper bags. Like, ew.

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And sure, he’s not even a teacher…

I just discovered that I have been typo-ing the links to the larger versions of the comics all April. Sorry to anyone who had to read that little bitty text.

Slylock Fox – April 7th, 2014

04_07Sure, the budget cuts may have forced the school to relocate to Slylock’s kitchen, and sure they may be living off a blender and some wildlife, but you can’t bring Slylock down! He’s using the last of the drinkable water to prove how smart he is! Now who wants some armadillo purée?

Look at Max, hatching an escape plan.

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How does he get inside?

Slylock Fox – April 6th, 2014

04_06This is the society we live in: men are forced to live in houses barely bigger than they are, cramped together and fighting for territory. Public education is no more, and only the most privileged can even understand a color wheel. Boo Boo flies his kite one last time, and buries himself.

Also, robots seducing primates is just a thing now.

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It’s a really good brand

Weekends are becoming my busiest days lately. Sorry for the wait!

Slylock Fox – April 5th, 2014

04_05The pressure nearly pulled his kneecaps off. His body crumpled, bending steadily backwards. “No, doggy,” he said, as his spine collapsed. Doggy continued, pressing all his weight into his front paws. All 40 pounds balanced in the center of the boy’s body.

So dear God, why isn’t that box even dented?

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