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The Epiphany

This would be where, if I weren’t working my arms off until “mid-October” (you lie, sidebar!), I’d post some kind of corny drawing of Max Mouse as Batman. Only I’d draw it well. Slylock Fox – October 31st, 2013 Last … Continue reading

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Have fun never getting that costume off, kid

Slylock Fox – October 30th, 2013 After seeing child upon child dressed as Marvel heroes and Disney princesses, here’s a costume that’s finally scary. We all love jack-o’-lanterns, right? Those silly, good-natured mascots of our cute li’l holiday of the dead! … Continue reading

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FW:FW:Fw:FW: Do not Halloween!!

Slylock Fox – October 19th, 2013 PLEASE READ THIS!!! Were you thinking of letting your children celebrate the Halloween again this year? Well think again… A family in Michigan were celebrating with Jack-O-Lanterns and hot dogs when A WITCH was … Continue reading

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Just another Monday in the Fox residence

Slylock Fox – October 28th, 2013 Is it me, or has the tension in Slylock and Max’s relationship finally hit boiling point? Slylock’s little puzzle hang-up has got him set on fire before (potentially), and his harrowing gaze suggests he wants … Continue reading

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Why don’t I have a “Slylock’s Many Diplomas” tag?

Slylock Fox – October 27th, 2013 One thing I’ve always been confused about: where the heck does Max live? There are a lot of “Slylock’s home is ransacked” cases, and it’s usually explicitly referred to as Slylock’s house. Sometimes it’s even … Continue reading

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His dog seems pretty terrified

Oh, hey, happy belated birthday to The Slylock Files. When did it become October? Slylock Fox – October 26th, 2013 I know I claim to be an expert at a lot of things (horsieology being among them), but I actually do … Continue reading

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Oh, joy, he’s gained weight…

Slylock Fox – October 25th, 2013 The psychopathic, death-delighted frog from the other day reappears, this time in the form of an innocent child’s drawing! Once again he bides his time, knowing it’s only a matter of time before you– … Continue reading

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To use as their photos on dating sites?

True to my word, I got home early! But my internet went out for five hours. Slylock Fox – October 23rd, 2013 Oh, those little scamps! See, instead of stealing food, they stole pictures of food, which they can gnaw desperately … Continue reading

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More cuddly death

Gee, I wonder why I dreamed about posts not running on schedule. Slylock Fox – October 23rd, 2013 Aw, look at that! This funny li’l bug has ensured his own demise by flying straight into the eager sociopathic jaws of death! … Continue reading

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Pre-Halloween horror

Slylock Fox – October 22nd, 2013 “Hey, Jim, I think you should see–” “HEAVENS TO BETSY A TALKING DOG!!!” “What, you never–” “WHAT DO YOU WANT?! WHY WON’T YOU LET ME RAKE IN PEACE?” “Jim, that’s a broom.”

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Sometimes I read this color chart and sob

As predicted, it’s mid-to-late October and my schedule is calming down! In celebration, King Features has accidentally gone easy on me. Comics on time through Saturday! Slylock Fox – October 21st, 2013 You know, the nice thing about Slylock puzzles … Continue reading

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Go play on that blank screen, Max

Slylock Fox – October 20th, 2013 Is Miss Fox even all there anymore? It looks kind of like she was so into ogling Slylock that her brain transcended this plane. And long after Slylock goes home, she’ll continue staring in … Continue reading

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One of the images in the Gallery is a cover mock-up by Jay Stephens. It was posted on the Slylock Fox Facebook page in 2010, so I just assumed nothing came of it. Due to my strained relationship with Facebook, … Continue reading

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Imagine biting your tongue with horse teeth

Sunday’s post is probably going to be a little late, but as usual I’ll sleep all day heck yeah have a bonus post. Slylock Fox – October 19th, 2013 Ah, horses. Galloping through the fields, mane blowing, glassy-eyed children tipping over… … Continue reading

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