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SPOILER: Steve didn’t write that sign

Slylock Fox – April 10th, 2014 You’d think that if you were thirsty, living off of sapient, fully-feathered birds and writing an S.O.S. in some bodily fluid that wasn’t supposed to turn black, you’d be pretty glum. But not Steve … Continue reading

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No party like a purr party

I’m home! It was a long party. Slylock Fox – March 30th, 2014 Oh, Slylock, you crazy fox, never stop projecting. “Well, clearly you were there to watch people pat their pockets, so you’d know who to rob, which isn’t … Continue reading

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Slylock Fox – March 23rd, 2014 This is Slylock Fox. He’s a detective. He solves mysteries! Here he is shutting down a legitimate business based on a slip of the tongue. Here he’s not finding out horrifying type of business … Continue reading

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What the hell

It’s been hard for me to juggle the blog while focusing on my education. Still, upon seeing Tuesday’s beauty I really tried having this up before midnight. Slylock Fox – March 18th, 2014 This comic was like a beautiful siren … Continue reading

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I guess if you’re into that

Slylock Fox – March 13th, 2014 I’ve been using the “belly shirts” category a lot lately, haven’t I? I haven’t really mentioned it in a while, but that’s because it’s never in the context of a wolf lustfully thrusting his … Continue reading

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The comic-making process

“Hey, Max, I just noticed we haven’t freaked Inkwell out this week.”  “Eh, chick finds everything scary. Play with the ‘invert’ button.” Slylock Fox – February 4th, 2014

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Moral panic!!!

Slylock Fox – January 30th, 2014 How horrible! How ghastly! That creature there, mind-controlling innocent animals into joyously offering their flesh, fake smiles frozen on them as they dry out and die… …is completely naked!!

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…Fang, right?

Slylock Fox – December 12th, 2013 OH FOR– you know, this would almost be fine if not for the man’s expression of sheer horror as he looks away from the gorilla’s ‘nana. Or the cheeky way the solution text asks … Continue reading

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An Important Message

Slylock Fox – November 21st, 2013 Give your cat a safe life, staring sadly out the window. Hungry, lonely, watching the other cats eating delicious chicken and roughhouse through the night. Some days he’ll wonder if his luxurious life is worth … Continue reading

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Second favorite detail: the Bat Signal

Slylock Fox – November 20th, 2013 This comic… it feels disturbingly familiar to me. I know Slylock is largely reruns, but I did a run through my archives, plus all my bookmarked strips, plus the Facebook page, but I couldn’t … Continue reading

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What a happy guy

Slylock Fox – November 5th, 2013 Look at the cute li’l grins on those critters! They’re so grateful for an ambiguous blob of food from their benevolent owner. They’ll be forced trample each other, claws and fangs in full force … Continue reading

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FW:FW:Fw:FW: Do not Halloween!!

Slylock Fox – October 19th, 2013 PLEASE READ THIS!!! Were you thinking of letting your children celebrate the Halloween again this year? Well think again… A family in Michigan were celebrating with Jack-O-Lanterns and hot dogs when A WITCH was … Continue reading

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I’d see a vet

HOLY CRAP YOU GUYS MY WORK SCHEDULE IS VOMITING ALL OVER ITSELF Slylock Fox – October 11th, 2013 We’ve all seen rats, right? Those fuzzy little scamps who make adorable pets? Bob Weber has seen rats. He knows the truth.  He … Continue reading

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Slylock Fox – September 14th, 2013 Snakes: we’ve seen them slither all across the Slyverse, from the deepest jungle to the smallest suburb. But nothing could prepare us for the shock that came when they learned to breathe underwater. Ships are … Continue reading

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