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The only explanation

gaaaahhh I thought this was in the queue. I’m a bad person! Slylock Fox – January 31st, 2014 The two major principles of the Bonniverse: 1. there are no parents, 2. there is no food. These are the pillars that … Continue reading

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Moral panic!!!

Slylock Fox – January 30th, 2014 How horrible! How ghastly! That creature there, mind-controlling innocent animals into joyously offering their flesh, fake smiles frozen on them as they dry out and die… …is completely naked!!

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Heads up: tomorrow’s comic isn’t online yet, so I’ll cover it as soon as I can. Slylock Fox – January 29th, 2014 True or false, everyone! When you drink a bottle of cold, pure, water, you’re drinking a liter of … Continue reading

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Knew I shouldn’t have painted it on tissue

Slylock Fox – January 28th, 2014 Truly, it was the greatest painting Jim had ever created. Such a breathtaking piece didn’t deserve to sit in a stuffy old museum for patrons to gawk at. It should be seen by everyone. Since … Continue reading

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In the minds of geniuses

Slylock Fox – January 27th, 2014 After reading this comic for a while, you learn to read Slylock’s non-expressions. He’s clearly spacing out here; he started off reasoning out how you could cut your way in from below, but it … Continue reading

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His blood pressure is in the negative!

As you guys probably noticed, I’ve gone back to queuing backup strips for Sundays. I’ll still get to the current strip ASAP, though! Slylock Fox – January 26th, 2014 Of course I do. Rodney is master of the road, and … Continue reading

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Sunday bonus: You and I and Max

Inkwell is off having swashbuckling adventures and dancing with strange men. Today’s comic coming as soon as possible! Slylock Fox – October 2nd, 2000 “Chief, do you know which of these pipes the ape went in?” The Chief’s fingers never … Continue reading

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Your torso is mine

Slylock Fox – January 25th, 2014 That’s right, feeble creature. I have tunneled into your body and have extracted our nose. Now watch, as a gnaw it to bits! For some reason my mind turned to another headless friend of … Continue reading

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She wants that owl

Slylock Fox – January 24th, 2014 You guys remember that cat-licking cow? It’s returned by popular demand, but King Features doesn’t know what I liked about it so much! Here’s a hint, boys: it wasn’t sex appeal. Dude, imagine what … Continue reading

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Sorry, Petsmart was out of spacesuits

Slylock Fox – January 23rd, 2014 Whiskers stared intently at the swirling cosmos as they faded into gray. He never expected he’d miss the comfy confines of the house, let alone the air. This is not giving your kitty a … Continue reading

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Shut up, Krillin

Slylock Fox – January 22nd, 2014 Ugh, this is a comic I can relate to. I just got over a really long case of the flu, and it was torture. It wasn’t bathing in my own bodily fluids that got … Continue reading

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It’s not very effective

Slylock Fox – January 21st, 2014 Geez. The only creature here I don’t think eats mice is the spider, and I’m sure one would if it grossed me out. It’s all the crueler for being a Six Differences, too, because this mouse … Continue reading

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The solution hinges on those FAB HEELS

Sorry about the weird schedule. I’ve not really been able to do early morning posting on Mondays and Sundays lately, but the rest of the week will be queued up from here on out. Slylock Fox – January 20th, 2o14 … Continue reading

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Good job, Fox!

Oh, right, I can open up my browser and rant about comics again. Yeah. Slylock Fox – January 19th, 2014 Here’s a hint: not by finding the thief! I actually saw this solution in a Nancy Drew book as a … Continue reading

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