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I should try this with my kids

Next week I probably won’t have this wacky and hilarious combo of a bad cold and an inconsistent work schedule, so posts should start going up earlier. Sorry for the slips. Slylock Fox – November 30th, 2013 Gee, it’s almost … Continue reading

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Doesn’t matter. Bury them both

I woke up today sitting upright with my laptop on a blank WordPress post. Either I fell asleep while posting or this blog has possessed my soul. Slylock Fox – November 29th, 2013 Sorry, Bonnie, Boo Boo just didn’t like … Continue reading

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I’m thankful for this intangible windshield

Slylock Fox – November 28th, 2013 Slylock and Max usually appear on Sundays and Mondays, doing their little detective schtick. Sometimes they show up later in the week, making you wonder why the heck the comic doesn’t focus on their … Continue reading

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OK, Slylock, now stop haunting me

I was pretty sick last night, so I figured I’d miss a strip just this once… My fever-induced guilt nightmares about Slylock Fox have changed my mind. I’m scared to close my eyes. Slylock Fox – November 27th, 2013 That … Continue reading

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She was so fashionable

Slylock Fox – November 26th, 2013 All he wanted was a friend. Someone who would be there for him, listen to his problems, keep him anchored to reality. She was that friend. She was everything he wanted, and he held … Continue reading

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Smitty’s breakdown

Note to self: when scheduling a post, type the right date. Slylock Fox – November 25th, 2013 Sometimes Slick Smitty’s schemes boggle me. He decides to steal some shoes. In order to keep himself from being caught, he… wears a cast. … Continue reading

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How much did he charge you?

Sorry I didn’t have a bonus comic ready. Yesterday I was busy watching My Little Pony   drawing Princess Celestia   squeeing AT WORK. I’ll queue a bunch up today. Slylock Fox – November 24th, 2013 Before I read the actual puzzle, I … Continue reading

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Inspirational sports movie time!

Slylock Fox – November 23rd, 2013 It’s almost Thanksgiving here in America, and this year you can give thanks that you won’t be spending it being defecated on by a giant turkey. I’m pretty sure domesticated turkeys are flightless, making … Continue reading

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I love you, Little Naked Me

Slylock Fox – November 22nd, 2013 My first reaction to this panel was a suppressed d’aww. My second was to wonder why his lovely mate was slimmer, clothed, and wearing boatloads of mascara. My third was kind of like “AAAUUUGH … Continue reading

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An Important Message

Slylock Fox – November 21st, 2013 Give your cat a safe life, staring sadly out the window. Hungry, lonely, watching the other cats eating delicious chicken and roughhouse through the night. Some days he’ll wonder if his luxurious life is worth … Continue reading

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Second favorite detail: the Bat Signal

Slylock Fox – November 20th, 2013 This comic… it feels disturbingly familiar to me. I know Slylock is largely reruns, but I did a run through my archives, plus all my bookmarked strips, plus the Facebook page, but I couldn’t … Continue reading

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I would know

Slylock Fox – November 19th, 2013 The cat’s fleeting look of terror and uncertainty in the first panel is perfect. That’s the appropriate expression for a ground-bound mammal who can suddenly fly. The man’s expression may be a little understated for … Continue reading

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This applies to most strips, actually

Slylock Fox – November 18th, 2013 So the solution here is that the beaver can’t be the thief, because he’d track water in front of the locker, which makes sense… until you notice he hasn’t tracked water anywhere. Where did he … Continue reading

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He didn’t even go out in style

Slylock Fox – November 17th,  2013 Max’s eyes might be glued to the bills, but Slylock’s looking at the big picture. You can see him putting together the pieces in his head; it’s secluded, that box is nice and blunt, … Continue reading

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