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Seriously, just paint her orange…

Slylock Fox – October 7th, 2013 It’s the simplest comics that have all the great little tidbits, huh? For instance: Rodney Rat’s misguided attempt at looking like a gentleman The clearly inanimate baby, and Slylock and Max’s quizzical stares Goofy and … Continue reading

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Elvis laughs in your face!

Slylock Fox – April 28th, 2013 You did this on purpose! You waited until I was a sleep-deprived mess and then tried to force me to choose which element of this strip to talk about! Well, maybe I’ll just talk … Continue reading

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Seriously, picture them kissing

I figured this post would be up at about 2. Instead, I’ve been gone for most of today, which went way off-schedule. As soon as I’m able I’ll queue up the next batch of posts to prevent any more schedule slips. … Continue reading

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Eye love you too

Somehow I honestly thought I posted this morning… I don’t know if I was really tired or if WordPress ate my post, but I’m betting on the former. Slylock Fox – January 23rd, 2013 Ah, true love! And what could … Continue reading

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