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Relieved and sheepish

…Hey, DailyINK previews are back. I had considered the possibility that the images just weren’t loading, but I even checked the source code and they simply weren’t there. But now they’re back! Advertisements

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Gallery update

I spruced up The Gallery, and added a few new images: some logos, a larger version of the poster, an awesome book cover, and a scantily-clad Cassandra Cat. That oughtta boost my traffic.

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I notice a pattern on this blog… On Sundays I get the strips up fresh and early, before the sun comes up. Mondays, too. Tuesday is a little later, and by Saturday you’re lucky if they appear before midnight. Next … Continue reading

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You’ve found The Slylock Files, a Slylock Fox fanblog¬†featuring daily comic posts, character profiles, and over 30 drawings from Slylock history! If you’re a fan of Slylock Fox, terrible fan theories, or snarky alt text, you’re on the right site.

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