Sunday Brain Bogglers

Sunday Brain Bogglers was a 9 week miniseries, adapting the Brain Bogglers puzzles from into adventures of suspense and intrigue. And violence and idiocy.

brainboggle1 Slylock Fox and the Case of the Gruesome Garbage
Slylock finds evidence of a hideous murder in Rachel Rabbit’s yard, but Max brushes off his concerns. Join him on a journey of twists, turns, and a bone-chilling conclusion.

cheater Slylock Fox and the Case of the Diamond Drink
An innocent trip to the mall sends Slylock searching for missing diamonds and exposing a plot to corrupt the youth. Can he save the teenagers and get the gems back? (hint: no.)

brainboggle3Max Mouse and the Case of Why It Sucks to Be Max Mouse
Max comes close to solving a case on his own, but Slylock refuses to listen. He must have hit on something big, because soon after everyone starts to turn on him.

brainboggle4Slylock and Max and the Case of the Half-Baked Plot Resolution
The bizarre plot against Max goes back to Count Weirdly, whose plan honestly makes no sense and why did I write that. Will Slylock and Max finally solve a case?

brainboggle5Slylock Fox and the Hunt For the Decrepit Death
The forest’s #1 villain takes the life of someone Slylock holds dear-ish. The boys embark on an increasingly disturbed chase, always one step behind her. Can Slylock and Max withstand such evil?

brainboggle6Slylock Fox and the Case of the Hijacked Humor
An old foe returns to sabotage The Tonight Show,  and yet his alibi holds water. Slylock’s search for the truth takes him from airports through circuses, but Leno may just be doomed.

brainboggle7Slylock Fox and the Case Was Forgotten Pretty Early On, Oops
In a shocking twist of events, Slylock turns his back on the law, becoming a vigilante… if only he knew what one was. Can he and Max do what the police can’t? Or is his dark side overtaking him?

brainboggle8Slylock Fox and the Case of the Slippery Shrew
Slylock recovers from a bad dream, miraculously alive. In his half-asleep state he lets Shady get away without learning what the crime was, and must rely on his cunning wits to track him.

brainboggle9Slylock Fox and the Case of the Count’s Code
Count Weirdly broadcasts an eerie but familiar code over the airwaves. As Slylock investigates its meaning, he comes closer to the secret of the Sunday Brain Bogglers universe. If only he could concentrate!


One Response to Sunday Brain Bogglers

  1. George Fru says:

    Heartily applaud your 6/30 move to inject a little history into the Sunday Brain tease comics. I am an adult who looks forward to your little adventure each week.
    But you missed a “teaching moment” by not mentioning these are the ‘Hindu-Arabic numerals’ we use today, and that: “The decimal Hindu-Arabic numeral system was invented in India around 500 CE. The system was revolutionary by including a zero and positional notation.”

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