This is your legacy

Slylock Fox – April 4th, 2014

04_04You can draw comics year in and year out, but how do you know you’re truly reaching the children?

When they start drawing beaming animals, feasting on each other’s flesh!

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…how does that bench stay up?

Slylock Fox – April 3rd, 2014

04_03Hooray anthro confusion! Beloved Slylock Fox regular Karl Smith, D.V.M. could handle a dogman bringing his human in for a check-up, but will newcomer Tracey Fahey have a psychotic breakdown? Oh, probably.

And before anyone tells me, “but the human’s the one holding the lead”: leash laws.

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Not so bad

Slylock Fox – April 2nd, 2014

04_02OH MY GOD, man, you’re being attacked by a pitch black serpent who may be the physical manifestation of darkness? Holy– lemme look this up!

Good news! It’s probably not venomous!

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Father-son bonding

No sexy Mary Worth April Fools’ or anything, thanks to my recent affair with a stomach bug. Maybe I can do something wacky on tax day.

Slylock Fox – April 1st, 2014

04_01Today, little Joe Jr. gets his first taste of the family business, spending the whole morning with dad. Right now they’re just sharing one of many magical moments, watching the ducks pass by.

“April Fools’, son!” Joe shouts and stomps the gas pedal.

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(So is Weirdly!)

It looks like Schedulegate will continue into tomorrow. I always forget that I can’t pull a comic from next month ahead of time.

Slylock Fox – March 1st, 2014

03_31This is one of those Weirdly plots I can’t comprehend. At least if you turn the dude into an eggplant you have his entire brain at your disposal. Here his plan is to have a couple ignorant manchildren sitting around in his castle trying to remember how to breathe.

On the other hand, I guess he already does. (Psst, Slylock: wood is flammable.)

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No party like a purr party

I’m home! It was a long party.

Slylock Fox – March 30th, 2014

03_30Oh, Slylock, you crazy fox, never stop projecting. “Well, clearly you were there to watch people pat their pockets, so you’d know who to rob, which isn’t what I’d do if I were a pickpocket because I’m not a pickpocket!” Max sighs and pushes back the guilt as he takes his notes.

I love the little trivia question at the bottom. Forget clowders; I wanna be assimilated by a borg of kittens!

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Sunday bonus: Is it… talking?

Still partying!

Slylock Fox – December 28th, 2008 (click for full)

12_28_08Nothing. He stared in awe and terror at his little flip phone, trying to wrap his brilliant mind around its technological mastery. After 3 hours or so, he gave up and went back to the fascinating

Max learned to survive on dirt, and whatever birds came too close. He eventually ate his way to the center of earth, and was never heard from again. Slylock solved the case next week.

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Sunday bonus: why would you even do that?

Inkwell is away partying because she’s essentially caught up! Check back at 6 AM for an additional bonus, and then whenever she gets home for today’s comic.

Slylock Fox – March 24th, 2000 (click for full)

03_24_2002Listen, Weirdly, I want to see adorable Slylets as much as you do, but I can believe you thought this would work. Look at the way Slylock, grim and emotionless, stares straight down your gun. Does he look like a man who ever truly had a childhood?

Alternatively, the lifespan of a butterfly is like a week, you idiot. Try a higher setting.

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(slurp slurp drool)

Slylock Fox – March 29th, 2014

03_29When I was a kid, I saw a cartoon that depicted an elephant drinking directly through his trunk. It made me so mad! It was so blatantly counterfactual! Why doesn’t anybody ever draw an elephant drinking with his mouth?

Today simultaneously answers that and “why doesn’t anyone ever draw them high?”

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School project

Slylock Fox – March 28th, 2014

03_28“The sclera really is a pointless piece of anatomy, isn’t it? It only took a few hours of self-experimentation to rid myself of it completely. But then I thought: why stop there? All the iris is good for is limiting light.”


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Nature is so cruel

Slylock Fox – March 27th, 2014

03_27It looks like I’m not the only one whose perversely fascinated by the “ducks eating noses” trend! Maybe one of these furry little voyeurs could solve the puzzle of how the bite makes the dog see stars, without requiring clamping down.

sɹǝʇsuoɯ ǝɹɐ sʞɔnp ǝsnɐɔǝq — ɹǝʍsuɐ

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Brings back memories

Slylock Fox – March 26th, 2014

03_26Boy, it’s been a while since I’ve been camping. I remember laying naked against the grass, cooking sugar glazed fish over the campfire. But man, keeping those sapient ducks out of the cooler was always a pain.

I remember one year I engineered some omnivorous beavers thinking they’d curb the duck population… I don’t go camping anymore.

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Is it a math problem?

Slylock Fox – March 25th, 2014

03_25So I noticed in the last few comics, the omnipresent “WEBER” signature has been replaced by “Bob Weber Jr. + Sr.” This intrigues me for reasons I don’t understand, and my Google mastery is telling me nothing of the circumstances. Until I get some answers, it’s safe to assume that father and son have finally merged into a cartoon-creating super being.

Also, I gotta me a cat with one of those retractable tails.

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I knew the grass was evil

Slylock Fox – March 24th, 2014

03_24I never really know what to think about Wanda Witch’s little schemes. There are only really two explanations, and I can’t decide which is more ridiculous:

  1. Slylock is right, and this supernatural creature is telling contrived lies to earn a couple bucks. She is repeatedly jailed for this.
  2. Slylock sees a potentially malevolent sorceress at work, and rants to her face about how bogus she is. While his back was turned, his sidekick is eaten by the world’s scaliest salamander.

I guess we’ll have to tune in next Monday to see if Max is still here.

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