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Slylock could get a cart

Slylock Fox – April 14th, 2014 I enjoy seeing Slylock and Max on their off days. The two can’t even pick up groceries normally; they have to do it shirtless with skateboards while fighting crime. Slylock wears a long, flowing … Continue reading

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That was briefly horrifying

Slylock Fox – March 12th, 2014 In today’s Slylock Fox, a duck gapes at its balding offspring. Before I adjusted the colors on my computer, it was a duck gaping at its fried, breaded, undead offspring army. Also, the Disembodied … Continue reading

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Survival of the freakish

UPDATE: This is blatantly tomorrow’s strip. We all knew I was cheating, right? Slylock Fox – February 13th, 2014 Slylock Fox never stops topping itself in terms of quiet horror, does it? Today’s installment gives us the dead-end evolutionary chain … Continue reading

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