2013 has come to a close, and I’ve somehow managed to do this weird little thing for a year. Deaf from fireworks and still half-drunk, it’s time to look back at the highlights of this 365-day misadventure!

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January 3rd


This comic makes me laugh like a moron every time I see it. Remember, that is the man who determines who’s innocent and who’s guilty. That is the man who determines your life. Max remembers.

January 14th


This one is both a really nice tribute to Krazy Kat and to Weirdly’s obsession with over-complicating things. The curved shapes, line-shading, and general moody atmosphere make me wanna see Krazy Kat-styled Slylock and friends. Remind me to get on that.

January 18th


There is nothing funny about a stoned baby.

January 21st and 22nd


I don’t think I noticed when these ran, but this is basically what happens when Slylock is a defiant jackass. This is probably unintentional, but hilarious on a second readthrough. Thank God they’re only super-singing lightning flashes. ♪

February 5th


I don’t even know why this comic appeals to me so much. It’s like a mid-nineties Nicktoon, with a wacky semi-undesirable cast of animals travelling around, falling victim to wacky plots every 22 minutes. Which is probably the dumbest reason to like something.

February 10th


It’s hard to believe Cassandra’s drunken mission of love was so long ago! Her heart sank as she mumbled her alibi. Max was there first.

February 21st


Their baby is going to get stoned.

February 23rd


Slylock’s cold fury is still awesome. My favorite detail is how between panels, Slylock rips the snake’s fangs out. That’s dark.

March 24th


There’s also this comic where Harry Ape just stares at Slylock and Max, naked. OK, maybe next year, instead of “best” I’ll write “most interesting”.

April 28th


This comic had so many great sections I had to pick them apart, but the highlight is a reanimated Elvis Presley goading on the starcrossed couple. The other highlight is the “Super challenge” as narrated by Cassandra’s semi-sentient clock.

May 6th


I already commented on the funky perspective in this panel, but I’ll do it again: I like it. It’s a cool way to show off the footprints going all through the spooky old house. Of course, good art is nothing without a good story, like Harry Ape taking the trouble to plant a diversion while stealing a tire.

June 5th


A few things I’m a sucker for in cartoons: bright, high-contrast visuals; detailed scenery; Slylock being a total psychopath. It’s OK, Max, that snake was gonna eat something anyway.

June 16th


I didn’t nominate this one because it’s funny, or epic, or very difficult. I just think Max is freakin’ adorable. There’s a crime wave all over town and the first thing he thinks about is his skateboard. He’s like a little kid, if little kids skated into your house at 120 MPH right towards your cluttered desk.

July 1st


Scaryface Slylock is my favorite character in this whole comic. He suddenly goes from a bright, nonviolent protagonist to a man who will demolish and eat everything in his path. I’m not convinced Max was trying to tranquilize the snakes.

July 16th


This is just a cute little Six Differences with a fun little assortment of animals… and then you see Ziggy’s ugly brother. The children look content to watch him gnaw through the world, oddly enough.

August 23rd


HOW TO DRAW something that sounds normal in text form but is actually quite unsettling. I don’t even know why you would draw this, but I’m so glad someone did.

August 26th


Why? Why does the power company alert Slylock when people’s bills go up? Why did Slylock assume it was because Smitty hoards penguins? Why was he right??

October 1st


I still love everything about this panel. The abruptness, the maniacal excitement, and the idea that a single cop went out to make the arrest with a sledgehammer. If this happened in a more story driven series, it would precede the greatest knife/hammer fight in history.

October 11th


Because I have clearly been using the word “mean” wrong all my life. It’s apparently some kind of condition, for one thing. Honestly, though, it’s a giant hunchback rat with its teeth filed into points. What’s not to love?

November 4th


Did I mention that this sexy slab of gangrene ran on my birthday? Yeah, it totally did. I’m one lucky girl!

November 28th


This is one of my favorites because it is total madness. Slylock is phasing through a glass dome to catch a bear falling off (not down) a waterfall in a giant butterfly net. There are some other things I like about it, like the highlights on the falls, and how despite being a relic of black and white print media I think the black water looks cool. But honestly you could have a monkey draw this and it would be amazing because it’s Slylock catching a bear in a bug net.

December 2nd


I just thought this one was cool all around. Harsh shading, detailed setting, and a neat piece of trivia for the solution. I like the whole “shadowy villain” thing, as well as the whole “Max admires his hot bod in a hand mirror” thing.

December 23rd


My last pick of the year comes for similar reasons. The color scheme makes it kind of hard to take in, but there are a lot of details packed into this one. I just love the visual of cartoony, big-headed Slylock and Max crash-landing in semi-realistic France. They’re totally scared, too. They’re reacting about how you would if your craft went down in flames and you found yourself in a grim world with mindless, quadruped versions of your friends.

Those are my picks for this year, and thanks for reading! May 2014 provide even more weirdness.


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    Careful there, Inkwell! I may commission you for some Cassandra Cat and Slylock deviant art pics!

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