Featuring the Secret Origin of Count Weirdly!

Sorry for the delay! The bonus Sunday is beneath the link.

Slylock Fox – November 10th, 2013


As Smitty came into view, Slylock could tell he was rattled. His remaining arm was hanging in the air, pointing at shadows. His mouth was frozen in an “O”, releasing a monotone note that many hours ago started as a scream. It took hours to extract an alibi from the surprise amputee.

“Silly Smitty,” said Slylock, “the footprints don’t match up!”

Slylock Fox – May 6th, 2002


Slylock was just so intrigued at the challenge that he immediately ran in and started playing with chemicals. Sure, smart guy, you solved the puzzle, but if you keep playing with the Count’s bathwater you’re gonna dye him green.

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Just your average girl surfing the web for kick-awesome cartoons and comics. I enjoy reading, writing, and listening to my head rattle.
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5 Responses to Featuring the Secret Origin of Count Weirdly!

  1. Ratiocinator says:

    Fangylump’s such a little attention whore. “Hey, look at me, here in the foreground! Forget about the enraged mad scientist and the fox possibly about to screw up and blow us all to kingdom come–I am the most interesting thing in this strip! ME!”

  2. dougputhoff says:

    Yeah. Weirdly has normal-colored hands in this strip. This must have been before his mutation.

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