Someone validate my ego by also sucking

Slylock Fox – November 2nd, 2013


I’m pretty sure I’m on record saying I stink at these particular puzzles. I don’t even know why. I went through and counted every strand of hair on Staring Beauty’s head, on all four images. I got the eerie sense that my soul had been violated instead of the right answer. An hour in, I began to crack. Two hours in, I was comparing outline thickness. By 4 AM I just wondered if she was wearing a shirt.

If you make eye contact with her too long, her two be-lashed eyeballs morph into a stringy-legged spider.


About Inkwell

Just your average girl surfing the web for kick-awesome cartoons and comics. I enjoy reading, writing, and listening to my head rattle.
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3 Responses to Someone validate my ego by also sucking

  1. Ratiocinator says:

    So far I don’t notice any difference. It doesn’t help that the more I stare at them, the more uncomfortable they make me feel by staring back. RASTORC DNA was involved in the creation of these girls, I’m positive.

    • Inkwell says:

      See, she’s this adventurous, romantic, singing princess who wants “more”, and her snarky endearing animal sidekick is RASTORC. It’s the world’s scariest Princess movie.

  2. Ratiocinator says:

    Oh wait, I’ve got it. It’s her stupid earrings and how number four has less hair on one side than number two.

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