This comic will run every day until I break

Slylock Fox – October 17th, 2013


I’ve been putting off making a character page for our resident classy flamboyant macho man, Harry Ape. His last bid for my attention, robbing a bank in a hot pink car and watering flowers, apparently wasn’t enough, so he’s resorted to sitting in a bright purple chair and staring at me with his deadened eyes until I give in. I think he twitches when I look away.

The fact that his easy chair is only purple instead of a bright fuchsia with sparkles suggests he’s been pulling the same scheme on the colorists.


About Inkwell

Just your average girl surfing the web for kick-awesome cartoons and comics. I enjoy reading, writing, and listening to my head rattle.
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2 Responses to This comic will run every day until I break

  1. S.R. Tooms says:

    You almost need to be an idiot savant to spot these! Lucky for me 🙂

    Harry Ape in the dining room, with the jacket lapel!

  2. $$$WESTVIEW ONCOLOGIST$$$ says:

    Are apes known for eating apples? Bananas yes. Maybe even an occasional Stewart’s Soda. But apples?? This strip really is far-fetched!!

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