Cry for continuity

Slylock Fox – October 8th, 2013


Occasionally I wish Slylock Fox was a more story-driven comic like Mary Worth or Judge Parker. I’d give anything to know how these two managed to plop their boat into a giant tar pit, and how the crap they expect to fish there. You can’t eat dinosaur bones, guys!

Although come to think of it, maybe there’s something more… metaphysical going on here. On its own, the setting is a cold black-and-white nowhere, with the sun providing the only color or life. Then you dump these guys on top.

Mark Trail would show us how its characters’ fishing trip ends in an abstract purgatory.


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One Response to Cry for continuity

  1. $$$WESTVIEW ONCOLOGIST$$$ says:

    As The Godfather Part 2 pointed out, nothing good can come of fishing with your back turned to another person.

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