Or maybe he never owned any gold

Slylock Fox – September 23rd, 2013


I’m convinced that Sir Hound hires people to steal his gold. Or advertises in the paper that he keeps his combination under a flower pot. It’s a sick bid for attention and he knows it, but it’s all he can do. He’d never appear in the strip otherwise. His appearance fluctuates so wildly that he knows he’s on the verge of being forgotten.

Do you see that picture on the wall? That isn’t his dad. No, Sir Hound had this photo taken last week.


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2 Responses to Or maybe he never owned any gold

  1. Ratiocinator says:

    Fun fact: people pay for ads in the paper to tell everybody how to steal their valuables all the time. The only reason they don’t get robbed more often is, well, it’s the newspaper. The PAPER newspaper. What are the chances of anybody actually reading one of those things these days?

    On the bright side, at least the weather’s nicer than the last time this happened to him.

  2. $$$WESTVIEW ONCOLOGIST$$$ says:

    Yes. I’m convinced this is some sort of ploy to speculate on the gold market. Sir Hound, if that really is his name, is a con artist of the highest level. What truly makes him dangerous is that he apparently has Slylock on the take. While the likes of Slick Smitty, Count Weirdly and Shady Shrew received the full brunt of vulpine justice…people like Sir Hound remain untouched. What a dark dark world Slylock Fox is!!

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