How did THIS plan fail?

I may decide to wake up tomorrow, in which case, hey, a new comic. In the meantime, have a scene from a dark point in Slylock history.

Slylock Fox – December 3rd, 2006


See, in 2006, Max stopped being very subtle about his desire to kill Slylock. If their picnic spot had any other combination of hazards I would classify this as “Max is an idiot” and move on, but the cracked branch and the assassin hiding in the bushes all Harry Ape style are just too calculated.

Someday, Fox, that’ll be his misspelled name on the crappy AOL account!


About Inkwell

Just your average girl surfing the web for kick-awesome cartoons and comics. I enjoy reading, writing, and listening to my head rattle.
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2 Responses to How did THIS plan fail?

  1. Ratiocinator says:

    Slylock is clearly most worried about the bluebird. It’s more deadly than all five of those other dangers combined. The moment he takes his eyes off of it, it’ll swoop in and plunge its beak into his carotid artery.

  2. $$$WESTVIEW ONCOLOGIST$$$ says:

    I’d be more worried about the bear peeping tom in the background. These 4 really need to be more discreet about their grassy frolicks.

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