Slylock probably keeps a backup supply of Maxes

OK, Comics Kingdom seems to have changed its system recently, so instead of the schedule being messed up on Sunday and Monday, it’s now Sunday and Tuesday. Mondays oughtta be queued up every week now.

Slylock Fox – September 9th, 2013


So it’s pretty much confirmed by now that the vicious snakes that constantly prey on Max are the same as the people-snakes who visit doctors and board airplanes. I feel very, very weird about this. I’m not even sure if I can use the “putting Max in pointless danger” tag anymore when just walking outside is putting him in danger.

Speaking of which, when Slylock catches that snake in his lie, he’ll have to get revenge somehow. Should’ve stuck Max with the rest of his luggage.


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3 Responses to Slylock probably keeps a backup supply of Maxes

  1. Ratiocinator says:

    Of course it belongs to the bear; reptiles like the snake and the turtle aren’t even permitted clothing, let alone suitcases. Why, they should be thankful they’re even allowed to ride on planes next to the mammals!

    And if they get uppity about it, they can easily be…”anesthetized”.

  2. Pup Comics says:

    Loving the colourful artwork, nothing amateur about this strip!!!

  3. If I were Slylock I would concentrate more on coming up with a solution to get into that red…. cat’s??? pantsuit…I’m sorry I’ve got to stop typing my thoughts down.

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