His wrist will still be broken, too

Well, my own comments section, along with that of the Comics Curmudgeon show I wasn’t the only one confused by yesterday’s puzzle. Clearly Slylock didn’t arrest Bruno for being the vandal, but for busting out ancient riddles in the place of an alibi.

Let’s admit it, that’s the kind of detective we’d all be.

Slylock Fox – August 26th, 2013


Speaking of questionable practices, Slylock has been in cahoots with the electric company to arrest Slick Smitty for the cutest robbery ever. Smitty, though disturbed by the nose-troll peering from the squad car, doesn’t give an excuse or even a hackneyed riddle.

Those penguins will go back to the zoo. The really really creepy zoo that’s also run by talking animals. But it’s not all bad. As soon as Smitty gets out of prison, he’ll sit in his basement, amidst the snowmen and the figure eights, and remember a time when he had 20 whole friends.

(The electric company will rat him out for that, too.)


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3 Responses to His wrist will still be broken, too

  1. $$$WESTVIEW ONCOLOGIST$$$ says:

    The apocalypse must have happened around 1992 or so.. it has to because Slick Smitty’s strategy for retaking the planet involves plots straight out of Batman Returns.

  2. Ratiocinator says:

    Smitty has to feel betrayed here. He was giving the electric company all of that extra money, and are they the least bit grateful? No!

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