I brought a stick in case I need to brain someone

As I explained in midnight’s post, I’m no longer getting comics from DailyINK, so daily strips are gonna be smaller now. If this makes the solution text harder to read on anyone’s display, I still have a page about image-flipping add-ons.

Also, hey, how long has the top row been missing from Sundays?

Slylock Fox – August 18th, 2013


After a week of misinterpreting comics through the foggy lens of paranoia, I should say something relevant. Such as, Shady Shrew freaking rocks. While the Man drags him through the dirt like he scum he is, he smiles. He tells a grand tale of survival, in the face of the man who’d never buy it. He’s somehow so low, he’s above it all.

Deputy Duck, meanwhile, displays his usual disdain for handcuffs. Any crazy-eyed man with a length of rope can bust into the station, and old Mutt is just too nice not to give them a job. That uniform is really the only thing separating Deputy Duck from Slylock’s rogues gallery.


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Just your average girl surfing the web for kick-awesome cartoons and comics. I enjoy reading, writing, and listening to my head rattle.
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5 Responses to I brought a stick in case I need to brain someone

  1. $$$WESTVIEW ONCOLOGIST$$$ says:

    Your Drawing- I think puberty is coming a wee bit too early for Chinmayee.

    • Inkwell says:

      Not necessarily– I was always pretty amused at how slowly boys seemed to go through puberty.

      I know one guy in his 20s and he doesn’t even have breasts yet!

  2. Koalahero says:

    “Also, hey, how long has the top row been missing from Sundays?” Ha! I’ve NEVER had the top row. If this becomes a regular thing, I’ll miss getting to see it on your blog.

    • Inkwell says:

      Saving newspaper space I can understand, but I don’t understand removing it from the online version. I checked my archives, and it’s been missing for at least a couple months.

      I guess it’s already a regular thing. :\

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