Maybe he plans to make a killing as a babysitter

Slylock Fox – June 24th, 2013


Wait, are snakes anthro in this? Is Count Weirdly’s plan literally just to hide babies in people’s homes? What’s the payoff? Is that even really evil? Who’s the father? Is he…?

Maybe he thought it would be suitably evil to overpopulate the orphanages. But I think he just wanted to giggle like a schoolgirl when Slylock dragged Max into a house full of snakes.


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5 Responses to Maybe he plans to make a killing as a babysitter

  1. Ratiocinator says:

    Pretty sure we saw a snake wearing a hat in a past strip. So I guess they are second-class citizens shunned by those high and mighty anthros with limbs, hence why multiple baby snakes are referred to as a “plague”.

  2. $$$WESTVIEW ONCOLOGIST$$$ says:

    Dr. Weirdly’s going to have to be more subtle if he’s going to be a successful peeping tom.

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