Komedic Genius

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Slylock Fox – June 9th, 2013


Koppy Kat is the most underrated villain ever. I like to imagine him as some kind of failed cartoonist, haunted by the urge to throw visual gags into everything. He stands in front of his easel, slavishly reproducing the original for hours and days. Suddenly, he erupts into a fit of giggles. One little, involuntary gag, and his work is ruined.

Keep in mind, his idea of a visual joke is switching some continents around. That’s why he’s not a successful cartoonist.


About Inkwell

Just your average girl surfing the web for kick-awesome cartoons and comics. I enjoy reading, writing, and listening to my head rattle.
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8 Responses to Komedic Genius

  1. Ratiocinator says:


  2. Ratiocinator says:

    (I belatedly realize that I said “ever” twice. It was because I was so unnerved by the eyes.)

  3. Hal Bent says:

    For me, the highlight is the fish bones on the plate with the school cafeteria milk carton in front of the painting.

    A mad genius so caught up in scheming that dishes become secondary… like my 9 year old daughter! 😉

  4. Anon says:

    That little orange cat in 6 differences looks so PROFESSIONAL. And then the boy next to it just ruins the scene.

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