Why Max is nearly as best as Count Weirdly

Yes! Two of my favorite things occur today: Slylock in the middle of the week, and an excuse for the “Putting Max in pointless danger” tag!

Slylock Fox – June 5th, 2013


Even though I make fun of it a lot, I’m honestly pretty intrigued by Slylock and Max’s relationship. This guy drags you through jungles full of hungry predators, and you can’t even afford a shirt between them and your skin. Would you still hang out with them off work?

Either Max really likes a game of True or False, or just enjoys hanging out with his friend that much. Either way, putting up with Slylock makes Max 10 times as badass as him, and that’s saying something.


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3 Responses to Why Max is nearly as best as Count Weirdly

  1. Ratiocinator says:

    “Why look Max, it’s a mother snake protectively coiled around her yet-to-hatch eggs! Oh, and it’s a king cobra too; you can tell by the way she’s reared up and spread her hood! The venom from one of those can kill an elephant, you know! We’re going to need some of that in order to poison Earl Elephant, who will surely turn to crime if we don’t preemptively stop him like good vigilantes, so if you could just go over to her and jam her fangs into this jar while I stand back here and supervise…”

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