Maybe it’s their religious views or something

Slylock Fox – March 18th, 2013


Never forget that I’m an unashamed fan of these puzzles, and normally pretty good at them. I’ve been staring at this comic for 8 hours, trying to find the supposed difference between 2 and 4. As the holes slowly melted in my corneas, I realized the truth: #2 is a naive Beatles fan, excited to reenact the classic Abbey Road cover. #4 is leading him into traffic.

It feels like I used to make relevant observations. Am I deluding myself?

Update: hey, I’m an idiot! 2 and 4 are the identical ones. That’s what I get for writing late.


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4 Responses to Maybe it’s their religious views or something

  1. Hal Bent says:

    Indubitably relevant. In fact, #2 is not only a naive Beatles fan, but obviously a fan of the later, post-Rubber Soul & Revolver Beatles. He enthusiastically recreates the cover of Abbey Road, only because the other three shot down his suggestion to recreate the cover for Yellow Submarine. There is a hint of sadness in #2’s eyes as #4 leads him to his doom…if only because none of the other share his enthusiasm for the track, “Hey Bulldog” off Yellow Submarine, which he has been listening to for 4 consecutive hours.

  2. Ratiocinator says:

    While #2 and #4 are not quite as different as the one-armed #1 and #3 (with their ever-so-slightly different hairstyles), if you look hard enough you will see that one of them is numbered with a two and the other is numbered with a four.

    • Inkwell says:

      Wait, I was looking for differences between the wrong two? XD Geez, I even read the answers key! Duly noted.

      Nice catch, by the way. I never would have seen those numbers!

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