This makes my theories all the crazier

You can come back, the Aldopocalypse is over. If any of you missed the wonderful banner he made, you can see it by clicking on any of yesterday’s posts.

Slylock Fox – April 2nd, 2013


Something struck me as eerily familiar about this character. It turns out, I recognized him from Gil Thorp. GT is a serial strip about high school sports, so naturally this made no sense. It turns out he’s the protagonist of Moose and Molly by Bob Weber, Sr.

A quick dig through the Moose and Molly archives shows that artistically, it’s similar to Slylock Fox, give or take a couple fish skeletons. I’m convinced that it takes place in the Six Diffiverse. Even the little brown dog (who I previously assumed was some kind of fugitive on the run) seems to be Moose and Molly’s pet.

Speaking of which, I don’t know why he looks so happy. No way Moose is gonna share that.


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3 Responses to This makes my theories all the crazier

  1. Ratiocinator says:

    So…Molly is the fish, then?

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