Practice makes portly

Slylock Fox – February 27th, 2013


HOLY CRAP YOU CAN TALK. Slylock has to solve several mysteries a day without verbal communication. The only time I’ve ever seen him speak was when he had a massive rush from telling puzzles. This little swine, on the other hand, can speak freely and wastes it on food. Maybe it’s a pig thing.

Kudos to Weber, who despite doing a usually-silent comic can still pull of a good verbal gag. A bit better than some of the regular dialogue-driven strips, I might add.


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11 Responses to Practice makes portly

  1. Ratiocinator says:

    Oh, right before I moused over the comic I was thinking “You know what would make a good villain name? ‘RASGU’.”

    Also, too-small shirt, pig bellybutton exposed, no mention of it? Have you become desensitized to the sight of these animals’ midriffs? Probably for the best if so, since we’ll likely continue to see them.

    • Inkwell says:

      I somehow didn’t notice his hanging belly until it was too late. I think it’s because I was blinded by his speaking powers. (How does he do it?)

      RASGU doesn’t sound too bad, but I think it will be hard to beat Rastorc.

  2. Doug Puthoff says:

    Wow! A Slylock strip with an actual gag! That’s like a Funky Winkerbean strip with humor!.

  3. Anon says:

    While LUFOR doesn’t sound evil, Luthor does, thought it might just be the TH.

  4. Hi Doug! Slylock Fox has seen many “actual gag” comics. Some previous pig strips, and don’t forget Bonnie and Boo Boo.

  5. Yes, I do try to have a gag element to the six differences. It makes creating them more interesting for me, and hopefully gives readers a more enjoyable and fun experience while they burn their eyeballs looking for the differences.
    I’m glad you find the strip funny!

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