HOW TO DRAW most people’s nightmares

Slylock Fox – February 22nd, 2013


Step one: Aw, look at that fuzzball! We’re learning how to draw a cute li’l thing, aren’t we?

Step two: OK, so it’s a MEAN little thing. I can’t wait to see what kind of silly–

AAAAAAAAHHHH! AAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHH!!!!! Run, little girl! Before he feeds on your soul and sucks out its holy juices! He will unravel your brain and play jump-rope with its wrinkles! (I think that’s what monsters do.)

Do not make the same mistake I did– DO NOT DRAW THE MONSTER


About Inkwell

Just your average girl surfing the web for kick-awesome cartoons and comics. I enjoy reading, writing, and listening to my head rattle.
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2 Responses to HOW TO DRAW most people’s nightmares

  1. Ratiocinator says:

    Oh good, you’re alive again after yesterday! Sorry about that, btw.

    I have already predicted in the Comics Curmudgeon comments that Manjushree’s little girl’s head will soon be making a one-way trip down the gullet of the hairy monster (being in another panel won’t protect you, kid), so I will observe that the hairy monster isn’t quite as hairy as it could be. Look at all that stubble on its front! This monster appears to have been shaving.

    Here’s my theory: he is self-conscious about his body hair, and has been trying in vain to get rid of it. He gave up with the job only half-done, since he knew it would just grow back and since it was taking forever. But the reason he does the unspeakable and untypable things he does to anybody foolish enough to get close to him is because of this self-consciousness; anybody who sees him in this embarrassing state must die.

    He wishes he could hide, but he can’t. Everywhere he goes and no matter how hard he tries to scare them away, comic strip readers continue to stare at him. Looking, always looking, like reverse Rastorcs. (My goal is to write at least a week’s worth of comments without mentioning Rastorc at all, starting not today.)

    The girl is making an effort to not look at him. She’s figured all of this out.

    • Inkwell says:

      The girl knew all this? Why didn’t she tell me?? That’s my second terrible death this week!

      Maybe I’ll switch to a safer comic, like Pickles. No one dies in Pickles.

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