2012’s Best!

Is it me, or have these past few months I’ve been blogging been especially good months to read Slylock? I think I rekindled my love for the series just saying a little bit about it daily. It seems a shame not to honor the best comics of 2012.

Trust me, I’ve had this post all queued up for a while. Yup. By the time you read this I’ll be crying myself to sleep partying hard! Yup.

Without further ado, 2012’s best!

October 29th


I’m a sucker for any kind of Weirdly scheme. One thing I can’t over about this panel is that Slylock is being even crazier than Weirdly. Flying towards Max, in a jet without any protective gear, with  flimsy butterfly net. Like that’s going to end with anything other than a bright yellow pancake.


November 16th


In how many ways is this panel awesome? The combination of Weirdly’s nonstandard costume, and the fact that this appeared outside of a Slylock case, suggests this is his day off. Not to mention the creepy, malformed claws on the front of the mosquito. Or even the lovingly drawn hairs adorning its hairy, four-legged bod.

I love this comic.


November 11th


OK, after this I’ll take a break from the Weirdlys. But come on! The dude trained a flipping shrink ray on Slylock, and surrounded him with hungry animals with naught but bones to chew. Not to mention that wicked hairy lump creature, who seems a little too eager to see Max. All this craziness and Slylock’s face officially goes from “detached stoic” to “laughs in the face of danger”.


November 12th


This is one for the “Inexplicably creepy” tag. EVERYTHING about this is cray-cray. Rupert’s silent look of terror, Max’s scary anthro bug man, and the human poachers creeping through the forest undetected.  The answer isn’t printed anywhere, so who knows if you found them….


November 21st


I just really love everything about how this panel looks. The contrasting black and tropical colors, the kinda gentle atmosphere from the blue-green sky, and the crazy arrangement of one-eyed staring critters. It makes for a really pretty panel, actually.


November 23rd


Well, I can’t not like this one. Slylock not only speaks for the first time I’ve seen (though I’m sure he’s done it before), he seems completely oblivious to the dangers around him… Like, say a tiger and a GIANT OWL!!!


November 25th


You know Mark Trail? The comic strip that in theory contains action, wherein a guy punches some things?



November 30th


Wrapping up the magnificent month of November is this one. I had to include it for Ryleigh’s fantastical HIPPO! This kid already has an eye for detail and exaggeration, as demonstrated by the fat rolls around the legs and the enormous jaw, respectively. Say what you will about the technical details, this beats lackluster, barely-moving characters like Garfield. I’d hire this kid unironically.


December 3rd


I didn’t even notice until fellow Slylock blogger Midnight Moth pointed out, but Max is actually wearing a shirt! He’s also made the questionable choice of putting a hood up over his bowler hat, but it’s a step up from “shirtless with hot pink shorts”. I’ll forever remember it as the day Slylock brought him out to freeze to death, though.

Also, am I the only one who thinks Shady’s nephew is pretty cute? I call him Shrimpy.

December 16th


I love seeing little hints of the detectives’ personal lives, so I instantly love any panel that features them and their might-be-girlfriends. This one especially interests me because Melody and might-be-Tiffany (I’m not so sure it’s her) are colored more like the are in The Gallery. I guess Sunday has a different colorist then weekdays, because Max’s hat is also pink there instead of black, but I like them looking less like clones in drag.

I also find it really cute that Slylock and Max are so dorky they tell word problems and play Scrabble on dates, and they found a couple of girls who do that too.

December 24th


The perspective here is really striking. The crooked horizon gives the whole thing a chaotic, disjointed feel– perfect way to complement a car wreck.

December 26th


At this point Slylock stopped being a mere detective and became a vigilante superhero. This panel is really all kinds of awesome.

At first glance, I thought the octopus was part of this man’s troubles. Looking at it now, all it’s doing is fighting off sharks and hoisting the man to safety. This nameless octopus, risking its life never to be thanked, is now my favorite Slylock character.

December 30th


I hate to rerun this thing so soon after it first appeared, but– no, scratch that, I love it. LOOK AT THAT. SMITTY IS TOTES FURIOUS, SLY! He’s gonna chop that tree down, kid or no kid!

Also, hours of research Google have taught me that Secret Agent Super Nova is, in fact, not an obscure faux-anime American cartoon. Some kid just sent their awesome little OC to Bob Weber Jr., unafraid of judgement.

And that, Slylockians, wraps up 2012. I think I had more fun writing about these today then I did when they first ran– no pressure, or deadline, or desire to be OMG SO WITTY. Just fangirling over something silly.

If January first’s comic is any indication, 2013’s gonna rock, too. This time I get to document it from the start. This means next year’s “Best” is gonna be even bigger.

See you then?

Happy new year!


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